Delta Zeta

University of Kentucky

"To My Mind, Growth."

The Alpha Theta chapter improves and challenges our members academically every year. Our chapter average cumulative GPA is a 3.45, and we maintain one of the highest overall GPAs on campus. For the fall 2016 semester, Delta Zeta was ranked 4th in grades out of all 14 sororities on campus. For this reason, we highly emphasize academics in Delta Zeta.  The Alpha Theta chapter has taken huge strides in our academic programming, and also, in our academic motivation as a chapter. Our academic programming involves multiple incentives and rewards for our hardworking sisters. We also have specific programming for our sisters who have fallen behind in their school work. Achieving academic excellence is of the utmost importance to Delta Zeta, so our GPA for good standing for individuals is a 2.7. Our study hours, study files, consultations and faculty advisor are all helpful tools for our sisters to succeed. 

Due to the positivity of our academic chairman, our chapter was highly motivated in the Month of the Scholar program at the university. We were fortunate enough to win the Month of the Scholar competition this February. This is a perfect example of how positivity and achievement has driven our members to succeed. We truly “stimulate one another in the pursuit of knowledge” through our commitment to this university and to our sorority’s expectations.