Delta Zeta

University of Kentucky

The executive officers of Delta Zeta includes President, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of New Member Education, Vice President of Philanthropy, Vice President of Programming, Treasurer, Secretary, Risk Management Chairman, House Manager, and Academics Chairman. Other noteworthy officers highlighted are College Chapter Director and Alumnae Relations Chairman. Please feel free to contact the following officers for comments or inquiries. 

It is our promise to service the sorority with positivity, efficiency, and dedication. As officers of Delta Zeta sorority, our highest mission is to "give graciously of what is ours."  

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Anne Piatt

Vice President of Membership

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Maddie McKenzie

Vice President of New Member Education

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Delaney Holeman

Vice president of Philanthropy 

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Lauren Dietz

Vice President of Programming

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Katie Izzo


Montana Renno


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Danielle Hunt

Risk Management Chairman

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Maddie Gantt

House manager

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Ashlyn Robertson

Academics Chairman

Jocelyn Caola

Collegiate Chapter Director

Alecia Manning

Pledge Class of 1993

Alumnae relations chairman

Jessica Costello