Delta Zeta

University of Kentucky

"Love That Is Ever Steadfast"

Our sisterhood program capitalizes on our genuine friendships with events, affirmations and sisterhood activities. We have had over 10 sisterhood events in this past year. These events have ranged from campfires and cookouts, trampoline park nights, a Kings Island trip, a visit to Boyd’s Orchard, a ski trip at Perfect North, movie nights, and big/little reveal week. Every week at chapter meeting, we pass around a “good sister” jar each week. Members write thank you notes to their “good sisters” who went above and beyond for them that week for a special shout out in meeting.
Also during meeting, we nominate a “supportive sister” of the week. This member is nominated for doing something heartfelt and personal for another sister. In addition to these various nominations, we also do sisterly affirmations at almost every chapter event or workshop. Through all of this sisterhood programming, we challenge and engage our sisters to form even stronger bonds. In this way, the Alpha Theta chapter holds true to our sisterly purpose.